1. Company and Scope
This website ferriesandtickets.com is provided, administered and belongs to Symiacos Bros S.A., residing at 7-9, Akti Miaouli str, Piraeus Greece.
Its aim is:
a. To reserve, book and provide air and sea tickets, under offcial licence of IATA and the shipping companies that serve domestic and international destinations.
b. To provide tourism services such as hotel accomodation – domestic and abroad.
c. To sell touristic packages of domestic or international destinations with multiple services to both individuals and groups.
d. To act as car rental agency
e. To sell cruises for domestici or international itineraries.
2. General Terms of Transactions
a. Use of the website and all of the services provided, are governed by the Terms and Conditions in any way (via website, phone calls or directly in our office).
Booking or purchase of a service provided by the website presumes unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained herein.
Our company and thus this website, acts as an intermediary between the user and our associated providers, to offer the services of the associated provider to the end user via the website.
As a result, the user should be aware of the terms that rule over bookings as defined by the providers themselves in addition to the terms and conditions of the www.ferriesandtickets.com usage.
3. Reservations and Bookings
a. Accepting a reservation by completing the relevant reservation form and entering credit card details of the website’s user, or through telephone call or directly at our offices, is considered an irreversible order for our interevention with our providers for the service requested. Thus the user agrees and should comply with both the general terms and conditions that rule over use of ferriestandtickets.com and the general terms and conditions of each associated provider whose services are offered with the reservation or booking.
     SYMIACOS BROS S.A. retains the right of cancelling reservation or booking orders received via the website, if the user is found to be non-compliant with the general terms and condition that rule over her reservation or booking.
b. In the event of schedule changes regarding departures or arrivals of ships, cruise ships, airplanes and any other transpot means offered by our website and for which the liability lies with the service provider (air or sea companies, etc), if our company is timely informed then we shall contact the end user either by phone call or e-mail informing on the change. In these cases, Symiacos Bros S.A. has no liability for any consequences caused due to the schedule change.
4. Methods of Payment
Payment for reservations and bookings made through our website and its booking engines can only be made via credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
For reservations and bookings made over the phone, payment can be made by deposit in one of our bank accounts (which you may find below or at the tab BANKS) or directly to our offices.
Tickets and/or other travel documents, shall be mailed or e-mailed, only after all services included in the booking have been paid in total.
Further user data that prove the credibility and authenticity of the credit card to be billed, may be required before finalising the booking procedure.
Our companies’ bank accounts (beneficiary Symiacos Bros S.A.) for remittances, in case you do not desire to charge your credit card, are the following:
125 00 2002 0100-28  
IBAN: GR 0501 401 250 125 002 002 010 028
IBAN: GR 4201 101 900 000 0190 470928 46
EFG Eurobank  
0026 0029 27 0200 320 708
IBAN: GR 3102 600 290 000 2702 003 207 08
179 13425
IBAN: GR 080280 3010000 00001 79134 25
IBAN: GR 520172 1030 0051 0305 0111 182
IBAN: GR 4804 701 360 0001 3603 00 10399
IBAN: GR 2901 201000 0000 0008 3534 567  
  5. BookingandPassengersCorrectDateControl
For any ticket or service purchased through the website, you shall receive an e-mail reconfirmation addressed to the e-mail that you have set in the relevant field at at the booking for, which will detail your chosen services.
If, for any reason, the data entered during the reservation – booking procedure are false, the user should let ferriesandtickets know of the real data the soonest possible. Delayed and outdated acknowledgement of false data does not confer in any way the right to the user to dispute the reservation – booking or its payment for that reason.
6. Receipt of tickets or service vouchers.
Domestic or International sea tickets can be obtained:
* By courrier service, with charge depending on the point of delivery.
* From our offices, with no extra charge.
* From most companies’ head offices or ticketing kiosks found near the ships’ departing dock, at least 90 minutes prior to the ship’s departure. A printed version of the voucher e-mailed to you after finalising your booking, which contains all the necessary information of your booking, is required.
More details on how to collect your sea tickets at PAPER TICKET COLLECTION.
Your Identity Card, passport or any other document of identification is required.
Domestic or international air tickets are electronic tickets and there’s no need for the passenger to hold on to a hard copy at check-in.
The electronic ticket(s) receipt shall be sent to the e-mail address entered at the relevant field in the booking form.
If for any reason, there’s no e-ticket number or the field is blank in the first e-mail sent to you, then a second e-mail shall be sent with all the reservation information and the number of the electronic ticket. Kindly hold a copy of your e-ticket receipt to show while checking-in at the airport.
Please be extra careful when submitting your name. Spelling of your first and last name(s) should be identical to your identification document (passport or ID).
Your Identity Card, passport or any other document of identification is required.
For hotel accomodation, car rental or other services, a voucher containing details of your request and the reservation number shall be sent to you via e-mail. A printed version of this voucher shall be required by the provider of the selected service.
Your Identity Card, passport or any other document of identification is required.
7. Cancellations – Changes.
Airline companies, shipping companies and any other tourism service provider define their cancellation and changes policy in regard to the service they provide. Ferriesandtickets.com cannot influence the possible additional cost due to a change or cancellation in any way, for which the user is accountable for.
The user is obliged to carefully read and agree with the fare conditions that rule over his/ her booking as well as limitations and relevant charge of cancellation and changes.
In the case when the terms and conditions of a service provider allow changes or cancellation of a booking, the user is obliged to contact ferriesandtickets.com via e-mail stating his request to change or cancel the selected reservation. Without the prior consent of the user by means of this e-mail, ferriesandtickets.com shall never alter or amend bookings.
If the users requests an amendment (cancellation or change) via e-mail for a booking which tickets and/ or vouchers have already been issued and paid for, ferriesandtickets.com shall proceed in cancelling or changing the booking, always in accordance to the terms of the service provider and depending on the time the amendment was requested.
In addition to the terms and conditions of the shipping or airline company that rule over cancelling and amending of the selected fare and the relevant charges if any, ferriesandtickets.com shall charge an amount of € 3.00 for each ticket being amended or cancelled with a maximum fee of € 10.00 per booking.
Before cancelling or amending hotel bookings or other services, the user is obliged to contact ferriesandtickets.com
The commission included in each service is non refundable in the case of cancelling a booking after payment has been settled.
In the event of itinerary or service change or cancelation, caused by the service provider, ferriesandtickets.com shall refund the paid amount to the user with no further charges.
8. Responsibilities, liabilities and obligations of ferriesandtickets.com and the users.
Ferriesandtickets.com is obliged to display the exact products and services of its cooperating service providers, without being responsible for errors, defaults, overbookings or no availability on their behalf.
Ferriesnadtickets.com is obliged to offer to the users, the exact services for which it has been paid for and refund the sum that is due in case of cancelling or changing a booking, always in accordance to the change/ cancellation policy of the service provider and the terms and conditions presented herewith.
Ferriesnandtickets.com is not liabe for any damage or destruction of property, injury or death that may be caused by the services rendered by the service provider, unless trip insurance is requested prior to the departure or start of the touristic product by the user, who accepts the relevant additional charge.
Ferriesandtickets.com is not liable for any delays or cancellations of flight or boat schedules that are caused due to strikes of social groups, weather conditions, force majeure or other causes which cannot be avoided or prevented.
Ferriesandtickets.com shall not disclose or use personal data or information of the users except to the service providers when necessary for the finalisation of the booking.
The user of ferriesandtickets.com website is obliged to agree and act in accordance to the general terms and conditions presented herewith, without employing malignant or illegal ways, in order to cause damage or malfunction to the services rendered by the website resulting to loss or misplacement of data.
A user that undergoes a monetary transaction with ferriesandtickets.com should not be a minor. All necessary precautions that disallow a minor to access the monetary transaction section of ferriesnadtickets.com should be taken.
9. Copyright
www.ferriesandtickets.com , its respective logo and Symiacos Travel logo are trademarks of Symiacos Bros S.A.
All rights reserved.
© 2011 Symiacos Bros S.A.
10. Change of Terms and Cobditions
Ferriesandtickets.com reserves the right of amending, renewing or changing the terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice to the users.
Every user should comply with the terms and conditions in effect at the time of finalising his/ her booking of which the value has already been settled.


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