Privacy Policy

Private data and secure transactions are very important for ferriesandtickets.com which has taken all necessary precautions for maximun possible transaction security.

When in the process of a booking, you shall be prompted to enter all your given names and surname, your address and post office box in case you want the tickets to be mailed to you, your phone or cell phone number (or any other phone you choose), your e-mail address and any other data required for your booking

All data being transferred to and from ferriesandtickets.com are strictly confidential. Any data retained by the site is done so purely for transactional purposes, and for purposes of contacting the customer conserning their transactions. Only qualified personel with appropriate permission has access to customer data, and only when needed to do so.

These data shall not be disclosed, publicized or sold to third parties in any way, unless this is imposed by a Public Authority (Court of Law, etc).

Credit card transactions are carried out via secure payment services offered by Piraeus Bank. All data being transferred while in the Bank’s secure environment, are not received or stored in any way by ferriesandtickets.com.

See also our Transaction Security page.

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