1. Where does the ferry leave from?

When your itinerary invloves travel from the port of Piraeus, usually you may find the Gate Number the ship leaves from at the upper right portion of the hard-copy ticket.

As a rule of thumb, ferries heading to:

* Dodecanese (Patmos, Leros, Kalimnos, Kos, Karpathos, Rhodes, etc) leave from Gate E1.
* Chios, Mytilene leave from Gate E2.
* Ikaria, Fourni, Samos leave from Gate E2.
* Crete (Heraklion, Chania, Rethimno) leave from Gate E3.
* Eastern Cyclades ( Syros, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini or Thira) leave from Gate 4 and/or E7.
* Islands of the Saronic Gulf (Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses) leave from Gate E8.
* Western Cyclades (Kythnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos, Milos) leave from Gate E9.

Kindly note that there are plenty of ferries that although their final destination may be Rhodes (Dodecanese), they include Syros or Paros (Cyclades) in their itinerary for example.
These ferries will leave from gate E1 as their final destination is the Dodecanese and not from Gate E4 or E7 (as Syros or Paros are not the final destination).

Should you be unaware what Gate your ferry leaves from the port of Piraeus, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

2. How many days before departure am I able to make a booking?

Depending on the itinerary and ferry you choose, you are able to make a booking from 4 up to 7 days before departure, when booking via the online engine. We strongly recommend you consult our ticket collection page for further information on that subject.
When applying for a booking by telephone or through our booking application form, the only constraint is the ship’s availability on the requested class of service.

3. Which passenger categories get a discount?

Students of Greek Educational Institutions.

4. Do round-trip tickets have a discount?

Mostly, there is no difference in price whether it’s two one-way tickets or a round-trip one. However, certain companies promote special offers if the booking is made for a round-trip ticket.

5. How many passengers and vehicles may I include in one booking?

Six (6) passengers and two (2) vehicles.

6. Am I allowed to enter a ferry with an electronic ticket?

An electronic ticket is only valid at air transport. For ferries in Greece you are required to hold a hard-copy ticket in order to board a ship.

7. From where can I collect the tickets I have already booked?

Please visit our ticket collection page here.

8. How much time before my departure, am I able to collect my tickets from the port?

Once a booking has been completed, you may collect your tickets from the shipping company’s ticketing booth, situated at the port near the gate of departure up to 1 ½ hrs before the scheduled departure. You are required to have on your person the printed voucher that was e-mailed to you when you completed your booking, containing all the needed information regarding your trip.
While consulting our ticket collection page, you may come upon some shipping companies that do not support ticket collection from the port. For these companies, you can collect your tickets from our office or you may have them delivered to you using our courrier services.

9. How can I pay for my ticket?

a. With Credit Card ( Visa & Master Card).
b. With a bank remittance to one of our bank accounts (link to bank accounts page).
c. With cash at our office during office hours.

10. Do children and infants get discounts and what ages define these two categories?

a. Infants are considered children up to 5 years old. They travel free of charge but they do have to won a (null value) ticket. Please include any infants in your bookings.
b. The children category is applicable to those from 6 to 10  years old. Children discount in ferry tickets is 50% of the adult value,
c. Anyone over 10 years old is considered an adult.

11. How much time before departure should I board the ship?

At least 1 ½ hour earlier than the scheduled departure, if you take a vehicle with you.
When travelling without vehicle and especially when you don't have a numbered seat or cabin, we suggest 1 hour earlier.


12. Am I able to bring another car other than the one I have given the details of in my booking?

The length of the vehicle is measured by the ticket control staff of the ship during boarding time and ticket control. If the other vehicle doesn’t correspond to a more expensive ticket due to its length, usually there’s no problem in letting you board with the other car.

13. Am I able to use a ticket with another name on it?

According to Greek Law, all passenger names on tickets should be corss checked with Identification documents. If during ticket control any difference in names is noted, it is entirely on the discretion of the ship’s employee whether boarding is allowed or not.

14. What kind of documents am I required to have on my person when I board the ship?

Any legal and certified document of identification, such as your Identity Card or passport.

15. Am I allowed to travel with my pet?

You are allowed to travel with your pet; however you should align with the shipping company’s policy on pets.
Usually, there are specially designed places where you may leave your dog. You may also take it with you outdoors, provided you have a leash and a muzzle. As far as cats are concerned, you may even take them indoor if they are in transport cages.
Furthermore, some ships have special cabins where you may take your pet in with you.

16. Will I be able to board if I lose or forget my tickets?

Please be extra careful about losing or forgetting your tickets because you may not board a ship without a hard copy ticket.
A new one must be issued.
In such a case, please contact us so we can inform you on how or what you are able to do, always according to the terms and conditions of the shipping company.

17. Can I change my travel date?

Depending on the time and day of departure, you may be able to amend your travel date or make your ticket an open-dated ticket.

18. Am I able to cancel my booking and what sort of cost does that entail?

You may cancel your booking, always according to the cancellation policy of the shipping company. You are obliged to notify ferriesandtickets.com that you want to cancel your booking. In order to proceed with the cancelallation we need to have the hard copy tickets. If you have already collected your hard copy tickets, your are kindly requested to send or deliver them to our office.
In excess of the cancellation fees imposed by the shipping company according to its cancellation policy, ferriesandtickets.com charges a fee of EUR 3,00 for each cancelled ticket up to a maximum of EUR 10,00 per booking.

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